Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I just put my precious little man down for nap, so I thought this would be a great time for some baby blogging.

Favorites -

Luke J. is the sweetest, most loving guy. He waves at everyone and even things. When you take him out of the stroller, he waves good-bye to it. Same thing with the grocery cart, the car, his trike, whatever! When someone he knows comes over, he runs to them pointing and lets out a high pitched sound like, "Aaahhh!" He hugs constantly and without prompting. He dances to any song, even commercials on T.V. He has fallen in love with Elmo and his favorite animal is a dog. Both of these need to be in view for him to survive his new breathing treatment with a special mask that doesn't allow for his other big love- the pacifier! Zac and Claire can get frustrated with him when he knocks over their toys or destroys their games, as siblings do. But they too have fallen victim to his smiles and hugs. He is irresistible!

Challenges -

But he also screams like you are trying to kill him at the barber shop. He has numerous medical issues, beginning with large birth weight, jaundice, webbed tongue, asthma (the worst!), non-allergic rhinitis, ear tubes, and now a tube that has moved and has resulted in an ear infection. Oh, and he doesn't get fevers. So you're never sure if he is really sick. As of yesterday he won't pose for a school picture. I dressed him up and plopped him down in front of the camera only to have him lunge toward me, red-faced and screaming. His teacher thought she would have the magic touch and tried without me this morning. Nope. Oh, well. His fabulous smile and winning personality definitely make up for all the challenges!

The latest excitement is his graduation from the top seat in the grocery cart to the cool car with his big sister!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sara came Friday night to celebrate Zachary's birthday with us. The kids haven't seen her since Eric's birthday on Oct. 1. I was outside with the kids and suddenly Sara is streaking past me to get to her siblings. This is what happened next.

Saturday we ventured on to Laser Island for Zac's birthday. We sent Claire to cousin Allie's house (thanks Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chad) and Butch and RoRo got Luke J.. Best plan ever! The party was crazy, exciting, chaos! Oma made another amazing cake and was able to help manage the mayhem and Eric was incredible, playing with the kids and handing out silly bandz. Zac has some really great friends. I am so proud of him!
We finished the evening at home with the family. It was fabulous!

But, I think my favorite Zac birthday moment was a special email sent from uncle Mark.

The caption was, "Getting big." I know. I peed myself! Oh, and Zac thought it was hilarious!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Z is 7!

A big happy birthday to my first born! Last night Eric and I reminisced about driving to the hospital is supposed labor only to be turned away and how I made him stop for milk and bananas at Stater Brothers. I remember sitting in the car waiting and fogging up the windows while laboring in the car. Sure enough we were back at the hospital only a few hours later. Ouch it hurt!

Yesterday I took treats to Zac's classroom since I had to teach today. This year I volunteer once a week in Room 16 so I get to know the kids a little bit. It is so fun to be in there and to witness him in his element. I know I am blessed to have that opportunity because so many parents can't. They sang a very loud happy birthday to him and only two kids refused my store bought cookies. Yeah. No baking for me. I love Zac's teacher because she too has 3 children and can totally relate to my world and took my cookies with no judgement. She is great!

Today we surprised him with the traditional decorated chair and a pogo stick. I came home from work today and he is already an expert jumper. Thanks grandpa Butch!

He has requested pizza for dinner. Score for me! Saturday is the birthday party at Laser Island. Stay tuned for what is sure to be fun tails from that event!

Happy Happy Birthday Buddy!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Last night before we ventured out for candy, Zac and Claire were busy playing. Claire was pretending to give me a pedicure and Zac found every hair accessory available to put in my hair. It was actually quite fun and it was like a mini foot and head massage. When I told them that I felt loved Zac said, "You are loved mommy." Claire said, "We do love you!" and then hugged me.
I later told Eric to help me remember that moment when they are telling me how mean I am in the morning when I won't let them eat candy before school.

Halloween memories-
Claire spiking fever the night before only to find out she has strep throat today.
Luke wearing Zac's Dinosaur costume from when he was 2 since it was too chilly to be Scooby.
Zac telling Claire it is rude to walk through some one's lawn as he walked around it.
Eric's brilliant idea of pulling the kids in a wagon and Luke in the stroller.
Luke walking to a stranger's door reaching out for candy before it is even offered and after I say he doesn't need any.
Zac and Claire saying all of their lines correctly: Trick or Treat? Thank you! and Happy Halloween!