Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last time Sara visited I thought she was ignoring me when I came into her bedroom asking her a question and she was clearly awake not answering me. I began to get angry but as I got close to her I realized she had her earphones in and was listening to her ipod. My bad.

This visit she was considerate enough to think of me so I wouldn't be offended.

I love the developing sense of humor that comes with maturity. Awesome!

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Recital

Claire was busy this week. Saturday afternoon she had her first ballet recital, the Ragdoll Wedding. Somehow I was named "class coordinator" which is HI-larious for those of you who know me well. Part of this job entailed coordinating a basket for the raffle. With some advice from the nice mom's in the class and my mom, I braved Wal-mart and created a "family fun night" basket that wasn't really a basket because I filled up a popcorn bowl with movie tickets, DVD's, a few games, popcorn, and candy. It cost $93 total and with 10 kids in the class I thought it was perfect. Until of course I dropped it off and set in down next to baskets the size of a toilet. Another flash back to college when I would proudly hang my hard work on the wall and then the rest of the class would show up and suddenly I wasn't so proud. (I got a C in that class by the way. Who get's a C in art???!) Oh well. It was my first attempt and a young kid ended up winning it so I figure he was excited.

Anyway, I spent the recital back stage with Claire which was really fun actually. I loved helping all the little girls and boys stay pretty and mildy calm. Claire was just so anxious to get out on that stage. And when she did it was adorable! She was all smiles and I was on the side of the stage all tears. We, I mean she, can't wait to do it again next year!

Thank you to:
Lisa for teaching me how to put Claire's hair in a bun.
Mom for going an hour early to save seats.
Diana for going to the photo shoot and buying the pictures.
Eric for braving a 2 1/2 hour show with the remaining 3 kids!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Graduate

Claire Elizabeth was a super star today at her graduation from the Early Childhood Center. I was far more prepared this time after experiencing Zac's in 2008. So sorry to all those first borns out there. I am more relaxed with each child. It's great!

Thanks to dad, who stopped by the church early to save 8 seats, we had a great view. Lisa, Allie, and Zoe came as well as Sara. Zac giggled through the http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifwhole show and screamed loud when Claire went up to the microphone to announce that she can clean her room all by herself. (Hmmm. I haven't witnessed this amazing skill!) Luke was transfixed and sat still in my lap the entire time. Butch and RoRo also enjoyed the performance that ended with RoRo crying along with every other grandparent. It was hilarious!

Now I know that I am extremely bias but Claire was really good! She knew every word to every poem and song and projected her voice beautifully. They did a dance to a song by Happy Crowd and I'm telling you, she rocked out! The teachers told me afterword that she always did it right, but with the audience today she really went all out. That's my girl!

Almost every picture we took was blurry but Eric did get one video of Brown Bear, Brown Bear with sign language. Enjoy!