Friday, June 29, 2012

Palm Springs

The temperature in Palm Springs last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday was no lower than a dry 106 degrees. But we didn't notice because we were surrounded by swimming pools, water slides, a "lazy river", misters, cabanas, cocktails, lifeguards (thankfully), and good friends. My buddy "Mobes" from high school and his wife go every summer to Rancho Las Palmas resort and thought inviting some friends would make it all the more fun. Well it was! 6 adults and 11 kids between the ages of 1 and 13 made for LOTS of fun! We hope to make this a tradition.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ballet Recital Round 2

Claire's eye healed almost completely in time for her ballet recital where she was a Prim Rose. She danced with her usual beautiful smile and ballet grace. During the routine she was also able to help another girl move to the correct place in line, she was sure to check the stage floor (a few times) to ensure she hit the right mark, then for the final pose she realized her arms were up instead of down and did a quick change. I wish I had video because it was awesome. Love her!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Begins

Summer began last Thursday after an exciting week of field trips, award ceremonies, parties, report cards, picnics, plays, and more parties. A great end to an amazing school year.

Later that night...

Here is what happens when your brother swings a baseball bat and you are standing too close.

On the last day of school, thankfully, but only 10 days before the ballet recital. Darn. (Funny, I feel like I just posted a similar pic of Claire all too recently.)

Here is an award I received from dad at rotary. I was tricked into thinking I was going to see him get an honor. Had I known the truth, I would've looked cuter. ;)

Dad said some really mushy, gushy things about me. As a parent, I understand that those moments are pretty important. Thanks dad!

We also added a new car to our family which makes for a pretty happy husband. It also means that my happy husband has no excuse when asked to take the kids here and there. Life is good! Welcome summer!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I feel the need to document the latest addition to the Tucker clan. This is Diesel.

A friend of ours was jogging in a not-so-great part of town and heard the sound of paw steps behind him. When he turned around he saw this very dirty, very submissive pit-bull. Unfortunately my friend had zero backyard and didn't have the heart to take him to a shelter knowing that a pit-bull would last maybe 3 days. So he decided to keep him until he could find a new home for him since he was clearly such a great dog. I held off for a few months, but when I heard they still couldn't find a place for him, I caved. Best decision we ever made. He is the sweetest boy and a great playmate for our super spazz, aka Porsche. You just look at him and he melts. If you raise your voice a teeny bit he cowers, always wants to please. He is pure love!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birth Order

Today was the last day of school for summer at Luke's new preschool. The parents were invited to come and watch an awards assembly then head out to the playground for field day. OH YAY! Here is my public apology to Luke for birth order. It is completely out of his control that he is the last, the baby. But I went, I smiled, and I tried to fight the "Butch" in me that wanted to jet out of there as soon as the "award" was given out.

We blew bubbles, we did lawn bowling, we water played, and we stood in the 20 minute line for face painting (where I marveled at the mothers who read the note about field day and thought 3 inch heels were the appropriate attire). Apparently my child is the only kid at Step Up Preschool who requested Spider Man. The two teachers in charge didn't quite know what to do. Here is the end result. Hmmm... I even googled an image on my phone for inspiration. ??

Afterward we grabbed a snack, thanked his teachers, and left. Total time 1.5 hours. 1 hour longer then I would have liked, and we could have stayed another 1.5 hours! The best part of the day was afterward when I got to take him to Vons for some grocery shopping. I was extremely amused as we watched people try to politely NOT stare at his face. Or they looked and said "That's a cute...what is he?" Even better, we ran into his former speech teacher. He was too busy sipping his smoothie, with red paint dripping down his hands and neck, to say a word to her. Awesome!