Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ballet Update

Thankfully I didn't mention to Claire on the way to ballet anything about the galloping. Since the teacher didn't ask them to gallop at all! :/ I kept waiting to hear the music, watching through the tiny window to see Claire's excitement. It never happened. But, there was another little dance that the teacher always held Claire's hand for that she did all by herself this week. (Did I mention Claire is the youngest in this class?) The teacher praised her and Claire beamed.

As we are leaving ballet and walking to the car, Claire gallops all the way. Just in time, her teacher opens the door and sees her. It was perfect! Her teacher got excited and praised her once again. Shew!! No esteem damage today!

Monday, April 26, 2010


April is by far the busiest month for my family. I have such guilt that I haven't found time to blog about Luke's first birthday until now!

We had the best celebration ever. We all wore Notre Dame gear for the football themed event and Eric happily shared his many jerseys with family and friends. We devoured lots of yummy appetizers and beer. Eric played the longest game of football ever attempted in our back yard. Although Luke had no clue what was going on I think he enjoyed himself!

Now that he is an official 1 year old he is busy walking everywhere, pointing and saying, "Mmm!" It sounds like he's also saying "Mama" but I will admit it could just be babble. He loves to hug and he gives giant, open mouthed kisses. He thinks pulling his brother and sister's hair is really funny. It wasn't as cute when he tried to do it at church school to another baby! So we are working on that one! He is easily entertained by things like opening and closing doors and cupboards, water splashing, and always singing! He is quick to eat any disgusting item within reach. More than my other kids ever did. This includes a lot of dirt and sand. Thank God for the magical-keep my mouth busy-jewel also know as the pacifier. Most of all he is adorable and incredibly smart! It has amazed me, after having each one of my kids, how it feels like they were always there. It has been the fastest, most challenging, at times overwhelming, and most fabulous year of our lives! Yay Luke J.!

Zac had a few milestones this month. The first being a second trip to the Principal's office. Yes. The second. In the same month. Awesome! The first was no big deal. He and his best buddy were caught playing the infamous game, "If you don't like the smell of a flower then punch me in the stomach." When I asked Zac how it felt to be sent to the Principal's office he replied, "It smelled good." Yikes!
The second trip began with a spitting on the arm activity and sand that somehow evolved into a spit on your privates game. Oh the joys of 6 year old boys! The other 2 boys and their mothers (who thank goodness are so ultra cool!), Zac, (Luke) and I were pulled into the classroom with their teacher after school. She closed the doors and suddenly it felt a bit hot and stuffy-ish in there. After a humiliating talking to where my son, "the boss," only embarrassed me 3 times to be exact we quickly walked to the car where I could safely close the doors for my official chewing out. After no TV for a week and no Wii for the weekend we are back on track. I pray. The positive lesson we got from this was that Zac has great leadership potential. He speaks up for himself and isn't intimidated by authority. (Not positive the last one is a good thing.) So Eric and I now see our mission. How do we foster these skills in a positive way? Please email with any suggestions. :)

His second milestone was that he was one of 4 Kindergartners and the first in his class to complete 25 miles in the 100 mile club. He was presented a special shirt at an assembly and proudly wears it every Monday when they run. So cool!

Claire's accomplishments this month are skipping and galloping. She started her "real ballet" at the Village Dance Arts. She was mortified the first day when everyone could skip except her. All she could do was gallop. (It also didn't help that I thought she wasn't allowed to wear a skirt and all the other girls came in with ridiculously fancy ballet skirts. Aaww the joys of parenting and the guilt!) So we went home and she got it that night. I so wish I had a camera for the look on her face when it clicked! The next week at ballet she proudly showed off her new skill. But then the teacher put on a different song and asked the kids to gallop. Suddenly all Claire could do was skip! Now here we are 3 weeks later and we've go the gallop skill back. Tomorrow she will have the chance to show it off. When you are 4, these things are BIG! To be continued...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break 2

A few hours after my last post our plans changed. Upon taking a closer look at our Disneyland ticket stubs we realized that we couldn't go unless we paid a lot of money! This realization came after the kids had picked out their Disney outfits and were sound asleep. So you can imagine how I felt when Zac ran into the bathroom at 6:30 in the morning dressed in his Lightening McQueen shirt and announced, "I'm ready!" Yeah. Just stab me in the heart already! I hugged him and told him my mistake. At first he groaned, "Aaahh!" But then he says, "It's ok." When I told Claire she said, "That's ok. We already went there anyway." Yes they are amazing but it helped that Eric and I quickly revamped plans to the Discovery Science Center. We had the best day! Last time we went the kids were too young to really enjoy it. We left Luke with RoRo and the four of us had a stellar day. Shew! That was close!

The rest of the break was great. Yesterday was back to reality, oh, and my birthday. I've been a mom for 6 years now and it still disappoints me that my kids don't treat me differently on my birthday and completely take care of themselves. I guess I have a few years before I receive that gift! But mostly it was a pretty good day. I dragged myself to the gym so I could enjoy eating on my birthday since that is one of my favorite things to do. Mom, Luke, and I enjoyed a fabulous lunch with a surprise scone topped with a candle for dessert. (Thanks nice Indian woman who owns Deli V!) Eric grocery shopped for me as my birthday gift. Doesn't sound extravagant but if you knew how much I loathed shopping you would understand. We ended the evening with take in Sushi and ice cream. Before bed I was sitting on the couch with Claire and she said, "Mommy, we didn't sing happy birthday to you." She proceeded to sing it quietly in my ear, then again when I tucked her into bed. Wow, I love that kid!

Tomorrow is Luke J.'s first birthday. Today he had his doctor appointment where I found out he is almost 25lbs, which is only the 75%, but 29 inches, which is the 98%. A big, super cute, dude. He got 3 shots and screamed for a long time since I forgot the pacifier! A BIG mistake that will never happen again!

I have to share this video with you. Be honest. Is he brilliant or just developmentally on target?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Aah Spring! Our Spring Break officially began today since yesterday it was 48 degrees and pouring rain. Today the sun is out and it is absolutely beautiful! While running errands this morning, on an impulse, I purchased two hula hoops. I had no idea how entertaining that impulse would be! Nor did I know the hidden talents of Zachary.

Tomorrow we are off to Disneyland to make use of the 2 for 1 offer we got when my brother's family was here. Yay! I hope we will have at least half as much fun as we had he last trip!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Love Easter!

Yes I am here. It has been well over a month since my last post. I will blame it on report cards, more illness, a busy new walking baby, and a REALLY slow computer.

Here is a short but sweet entry to say that I love Easter. Despite running around like a mad woman to get everyone dressed in their special outfits I picked out and to make it to church on time, I still love Easter! Last year I was 2 days from labor so I noted how much better I felt this year. I am considerably smaller although just as tired!

The usuals came to our house for yummy food and to bask in the joy of cousins running amok. The Easter bunny delivered super cute coordinated bathing suits for the kids (gosh she, I mean he, is good!) and way too much candy! The afternoon welcomed a late nap (only I was disturbed by the earthquake) and now lazy playing in front of a movie. Love it!