Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Year Beginnings

School and soccer are in full swing. This season Claire is a Neon Zebra and Zac is a Golden Eagle. Their colors do not coordinate and Claire's requires sunglasses while viewing. I'm team mom for Zac's group that has turned out to be a fabulous group of parents and kids. Claire's coach is good. He's very business and scares me a little. (Don't tell Claire.) Other than some earring drama (Claire isn't supposed to wear any) our first games in 100 degree heat were great! Zac has professed his love for baseball so this very well could be his final season. To be continued...

Porsche and Diesel are suffering with all of us back at school. They've destroyed 2 giant Jade plants and a hose. It's amazing we still think they are extremely cute.
We put them in Butch and RoRo's pool and unfortunately they could swim.

Eric and I are settling into the new school year as well after a really nice summer. It was a rocky start. The freshman biology class that Eric lovingly refers to as "baby bio" is the first group of first graders I taught at Vista so many years ago. They hold a special place in my heart and sure enough Eric has a good number of them in his classes. It is very cool.

I made the move to Kindergarten teacher this year. So far I am absolutely loving it! These babies are so fresh and mold-able. I love that I know exactly what first grade teachers expect and hope that I can get these little guys prepared in the short 10 months we have together. I'm teaching with 2 incredible woman and I'm learning tons.

Luke has come so far in one year! I think back to last summer when his vocabulary was a mere 8 understandable words. Now he talks non stop and could care less whether you understand him or not. And you can, most of the time. He loves to spell his name and the word "dog." Although he thinks that L-U-K-E spells more than just Luke. The other day he said, "L-U-K-E, but hole." I'm so very proud. I think the audience of 3 older siblings has somehow influenced his use of "potty talk."

Sara started 8th grade and says it's "OK" and that her science teacher is "crazy." I always wonder what kids say about me and Eric to their parents. Unless it's that we are incredibly intelligent and inspiring, I really don't want to know.

It's a blurry image but it was so cute to see Sara, who looks so grown up, show her child like side when we went roller skating. She was very proud of herself!