Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best Family Gathering EVER

Now that we have been home from Kansas for a little over a week now, my post vacation blues are lifting. I always seem to need a few days to recover from being with Mark, Susan, and the kids. Every time we are together takes right off from where we left things. It's as if we live down the street rather than hundreds of miles from each other. When I tell people that ALL (11) of us stayed under one roof (or as Mark would say, "Susan's house") they can't believe it. I know. They are saints!

Now I do suffer a little from blog envy. Susan is a spectacular writer and always manages to have me laughing, crying, or both in her blog. I am so glad that she was able to recap every day of our trip here.

Since we have been home Zac is now a Pokemon addict thanks to his cool cousin Andrew. Claire wants to pretend our living room is a basement since that is where she and Thomas had the most fun. Eric has added more Jayhawk items to his wardrobe and continues to look online for affordable housing in Lawrence. Luke has no memory of the trip but will surely enjoy the photos taken of him patiently riding along in his car seat. :) Me? Well like I told Susan I was inspired by her very organized and beautifully decorated home. I started with my kitchen. Last night I used an ice cream scooper and a crystal serving dish I didn't know I owned. Thanks Susan!