Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Graduated!

Despite my gripes and groans, and some family drama along the way, I participated in my graduate commencement ceremony this morning at the University of La Verne. Eric, the kids, mom, dad, and Oma, all came to the ceremony that, thankfully, turned out to be relatively short. I so enjoyed sharing the experience with my good friend and job-share partner Yvonne. Now we are not only the best teacher team ever, we are the most educated! ;)
Here is my little moment on stage that Eric tried to capture despite Claire wiggling in his lap and Zac crying. And I didn't fall! Yay me!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Girl Bed

I now feel a little closer to "ready" for this guy to come join our fabulous family. Eric completed the assembly of Claire's new bed last night at the stroke of 8p.m. in time for her to sleep in it. We have worked tirelessly with the help of both sets of parents to find this bed and figure out how we are going to squeeze these 4 children into 2 tiny rooms. We have Zac all jazzed about sharing with his baby brother and rearranged his room with the crib in it. Claire has been waiting for her white loft bed for quite some time telling everyone who will listen that Sara goes on top and Claire goes on the bottom.
Last night, as I am tucking her in, I asked her if how she likes her new big girl bed.
Claire: Does the purple one come tomorrow?
Oh well. We can't please everyone!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Name

Zac created this tonight. He was excited to show me and dad that he wrote down everyone in our family. So I guess this baby is officially going to be named Luke. Zac sealed the deal!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy New Year!

Last night the first of many new changes that will occur this year happened. Usually our bedtime routine has been the divide and conquer technique. Eric takes care of Zac and Sara, and I take care of Claire. Well last night all was going according to routine until Claire and I got in her room to read books in bed.

Me: Claire pick out your books.

She hides her head in her blanket.

Me: Claire, pick out 2 books or we aren't going to read any!

She looks up and tilts her head coyly to the side and mumbles something.

Me: What?

Claire: I want to read with Daddy.

Me: (speechless)

Claire (loudly in case I didn't hear the first time): I want to read books with DADDY!!

Me(heartbroken): Ok. Let's go.

I guess even Claire is smart enough to know that soon mommy will be quite busy with the new baby. I am so glad she is the one to break the routine rather than me!