Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Year in Review

If I squint and strain I can almost remember back to January 2013. I think that is because the last 6 months have been packed full of awesomeness, it made the previous 6 less memorable.

The highlights (in no particular order)are: moving to Claremont, a trip with friends to Palm Springs, moving to Claremont, an amazing trip to Lawrence, Kansas, and moving to Claremont.

Thanksgiving 2013 was the best ever. (No offense to those whom we've spent the last many with because they are always special.) Flying on a plane without a stroller or diapers to deal with felt amazing. Then a week of pure joy, food, drink, and lots of fun away from home was incredible! It was cold, crisp, and clear; weather we rarely see. A trip to Allen Field House to see the KU volleyball team and hear the KU fight song and Alma Mater performed, ranks high on the list of memorable moments.
Then of course the great company and the many hours spent with cousins jumping in the trampoline was perfect. I have to say that Thanksgiving Day at Ron and Elaine Schmidt's home (Susan's parents) with 40ish people ranging in age from a new baby to a 92 year old, was straight out of a movie. Picture a beautiful home, a place setting for every one of those people, 16 kids running amok, every different kind of food you can imagine, drinks, KU basketball on TV, a white elephant exchange, YouTube video hilarity, more kids running amok, and more drinks. I was in heaven. Thanks to the Schmidts, the Rocks, and especially Mark, Susan, Andrew, and Thomas!
I really enjoyed having Christmas dinner at our house this year. Not only do we have the space, but we have added some entertainment pieces to help manage (or create) kid chaos. Santa brought us a trampoline, Eric got us a ping pong table, then to add to that we have some XBox and Wii games, a new scooter, nerf guns, American girl Doll Glamor parlor, chocolate, and egg nogg. Eric's two aunts and their families were here, of course Butch and RoRo, and Chad and Lisa's crew. So far Diesel and Porsche have not destroyed one present. That is worth noting. :)

Yesterday Eric and I played a soccer game with our entire family and a few others. I can barely move today. I never make resolutions, but this year mine is this: Get up and move around for things that are fun, like playing with my kids. I plan on jumping on the trampoline, playing some more soccer(!), and walking the dogs. A short list but I think I can handle it.

Happy New Year. 2014 here we go!