Thursday, September 23, 2010


Right now I am enjoying the sounds of the lawnmower being pushed through my back yard by grandpa Butch and my coughing, asthmatic son who is on a stool watching through the glass door. I am hunched in my computer chair so I don't hurt the sutures in my belly button and burst my newly repaired hernia. Ahhh. So relaxing!

Tonight we are all heading to the LA County fair to ride in the Claremont Day Parade with our own honored "hero" Roro. She is so excited and I know I will be once my entire crew finally manages to arrive on time. She has only asked me 314 times what time we will get there so no pressure. I am really looking forward to some good, greasy fair food and to celebrate my cool mom!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New School Year

Last week was the start of a new school year for the Tucker family. Eric and I somehow managed to get our classrooms ready a few weeks prior without ending our marriage. Shwew! It helps that I am a morning person and he is an evening person. We just rotated.

Now the other morning person in the family started the big first grade! But not like his usual self he was slow to wake up that morning. Probably because the night before, at his first piano lesson, he was holding his ear and complaining of pain. I knew it was swimmer's ear since there were no other symptoms. So I dosed him up with some ear drops that were Luke's and gave him some Motrin and then prayed that the morning would be brighter. Nope! A few more drops and more Motrin and he was up and ready for school. (If it was contagious I wouldn't have sent him! I promise!) Butch was the lucky first day dropper offer and was able to get Zac to Condit on time and even snapped some photos. We found out the Friday before that Zac got the teacher we were hoping for and one of his best friends is in his class. So perfect! Now if he can just control that charming clownish behavior he inherited from someone...

As for my late night child, princess Claire, the Early Childhood center was closed for its annual 2 weeks. But she did have her first soccer practice! It was super great until the coach had the girls play a game where the coach was a "monster" who was going to take the ball away. Tears. Next game. You have to kick the ball every time you get squirted in the face with a water bottle. More tears. Last game. Cowboys and Indians (Yeah. Super politically correct!) where the "Indians" run while the "Cowboys" try to hit the "Indians" with the ball. Massive tears and we are done. Good times. We'll try again next week. Then ballet started Thursday. Oops. Missed it. Sorry Claire. You will never know until you are old enough to read this blog. :)

16 month old awesome guy, Luke, is as adventurous as ever. He has a few more bumps on his forehead, some new sounds that he uses to convey meaning (no words :/), he's only run into the street once, and we almost lost him at the soccer field. Other than that he is the sweetest, happiest, lovable baby. Big milestone - we have cut pacifier time down to sleep time. Yay! His big day is next Wednesday when he begins his stint at the Early Childhood Center. We (this includes child care providers Butch and Roro) can't wait!

We saw Sara last weekend who had already begun her middle school years. Because of this big change in her world she has decided to visit us a little less for now. I only cried for one night and know that all will be well. It was only a matter of time. Thank goodness for text messaging. She's really talented at that!