Saturday, September 26, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes!

I knew there was a difference on the way to soccer practice a week or two before school started. When we pulled up to the field Zac looked at me and said, "Mommy, on the way here I started getting upset but I told myself that I can do it and now I'm not sad anymore!"
Trying not to laugh out loud (or do a back flip)I smile and tell him how proud he makes me. Of course I also picked up the cell phone to call and ask Eric if he had given Zac some sort of "give your self a pep-talk" pep-talk. He didn't. Hmmmm...
Now he has made up a song to the tune of "Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na Na. Hey Hey Hey. Good-bye." He sings, "We can do it. We can do it. Oh yeah-ah. We can do it." I think the "we" is referring to Claire since he insists she sings along.

Real Kindergarten is going well. Since I teach in the same district I knew there was no way I could take Zac on his first day. My biggest challenge was getting 3 kids and myself out the door and to our various locations. I barely had time to think. It wasn't until I stepped foot on to Vista property and all of Zac's friends (who are now my students) start yelling, "Where's Zac?" My heart ached and the tears sprung. Did we make the right decision? These kids are so sweet and they were such good friends to Zac. He could do first grade, maybe? I know all the teachers here so well and it is fun to see him... Ok, flash forward to today and I am happy with our choice. Grandpa Butch is doing a great job walking with Zac to school. Perhaps even a better job than me since Zac scolded me for not waiting where Butch waits. He is making new friends already, probably the one's he'll have for life.
No longer is he a Vista Viking but a Condit Condor.

Claire has moved up in the world of preschool to the Rainbow Room and she goes every day. I was a little concerned that she would start liking school a little less because of the new schedule but boy was I wrong! No matter what time I show up it seems to be too early for her. She is kind enough to smile and hug me but is in NO hurry to leave and let's me know it. She's our little independent woman already!

Luke J. is 5 months old now. He likes to roll around. He is close to sitting up on his own but still does the occasional tip. No longer can you hold him while you eat at the table because he is in the "grab everything in reach" stage. Cereal and food are his new treats. He appears to hate it when the first bite enters his mouth. He makes a face as if you just stuck a big piece of dog poo in his mouth! But soon he is mouth open, ready for more! He got his first cold last week which called for a trip to Urgent Care on Saturday. I experienced my first breathing treatment and a puffer sent home. Despite his rattled breathing he still sleeps all night and gives anyone who will look his way a huge, full body movement, grin. Oh, and we can't forget his first tooth. Finally a reason for all this drooling!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pastor Emeritus

Dad got Emeritized today. (Yep. Not a word. I made it up.) During the service today he was recognized with a nice ceremony acknowledging him as Pastor Emeritus immediately following the sermon. In the sermon Pastor Rob talked about a group he participated in early in his career where pastors got together and rather than talk and support one another they all tried to "one up" the other. So when dad was asked to speak he said, "I was going to talk about my book entitled, Humility and How I Achieved It, but I won't." As always, the congregation got a good laugh. I am always so impressed at his ability to say something witty yet appropriate and then follow it up with something sentimental. I guess after 50+ years of public speaking you get pretty good at it. Finally they gave him a beautiful plaque and honored him with a tearful standing ovation. I say it's about time! Go dad!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Go Mom!

The other night we enjoyed a family meal at Oma and Opa's house. Claire was in the play room with Zac and her cousin Allie. They all had pretend microphones and Allie was in full performance mode; dancing, singing, and shaking her hips. I wanted to get in on the action so I started dancing and chanting, "Go Allie! Go Allie!" Not wanting to leave the other's out I yelled, "Go Zac! Go Claire!" Unamused at my attempt to be cool, Claire simply says, "I'm not Go-ing."