Friday, September 6, 2013


It's 2 weeks into the new school year and I'm exhausted. I'm working full time for the first time in 7 years. I'm hoping the feeling of being hit by a truck every night will pass. I'm not complaining, just commenting. I realize how lucky I have been to do the 2 things I love so much at the same time.

Anyway, I'm on beer #2 and reflecting on the 24 precious darlings who have been left under my care. First there is M who I have to physically remove from his father (who speaks no English and looks like he may burst into tears and I frustratingly can't communicate with him :/) every morning. Then we endure a few minutes of screaming and kicking until his father has left the campus and M can go to the office since he's scaring the rest of the class. Then there is J who is adorable and sweet but not so much when she is whimpering all day while clutching a photograph of her family. And no, she didn't go to preschool. I know you're surprised. A special shout out to E who among so many super cute moments decided to sit in the middle of the wet soccer field and cry until I walked all the way in sandals through the (did I mention?) tall, wet grass to help her stand up and walk to class. She was mad that she was last in line. Life is hard. Then there is G. I'm actually genuinely in love with this guy. Unfortunately I'm not qualified to do anything but love him. He has Down Syndrome, he's nonverbal, and in diapers. I know what you're thinking. I'm so lucky. But truly I am. All of them are only 5 years old (babies!) and have only been with me for 7 days. I have 173 more to realize their potential. Help!

I feel inspired that my own children are doing well. Zac can't talk enough about how nice his teacher is. Claire is, well, Claire. Easy. And Luke has begun a new chapter back at the ECC. (More to come on that later.) Sara started high school and sent me a text saying she has a "few opinions about high school" she can't wait to share. I can't wait!

Summer was a blur of boxes, swimming, soccer, friends, sleep, movies, and more swimming. I wish it could all slow down just a little. Yeah. I'm on beer #3. Cheers!