Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for Me

I am not often very impressed with myself, but for Zac's birthday this year I was awesome. Birthdays always stress me out because I worry about money, time, and the worst part, the guest list. So I did a lot of self coaching, told myself to "Chill out, he's only 8" and made some decisions. Only boys, only 7, at our house, legos. It was great! One box of legos for each kid, pizza, cake, presents and done! 2 hours of fun. It was perfect for an 8 year old boy like on other.

I also managed to be team parent for both Zac and Claire's soccer teams this year. I admit, I didn't quite think that one through. But with Eric's help, we pulled it off. We finished this weekend with two games that, thankfully, didn't overlap, and two team parties. I was gifted with flowers and a Starbucks gift card. A girl always enjoys flowers!

We began our Thanksgiving celebration with school parties at Condit on Friday. Claire's class were the controversial Native Americans while with the other classes were the equally controversial Pilgrims. RoRo joined me to see and hear (yes you could here her over everyone) Claire sing, then move to the playground to give a "Pilgrim" a handmade necklace and enjoy a peaceful meal together. Mom and I hung out long enough to appear helpful then ditched the "feast" to have one of our own at Euro Cafe. I came back in time for Zac's pie party. When I walked in I immediately noticed he was the only kid who tucked his napkin in his shirt like a bib. Gotta love him! The parents and teachers got a kick out of it. Of course he loves the attention. I have no idea where he gets that from!?

Sunday we enjoyed our annual meal at church. I happily overate as I plan to do the entire week, guilt free. I thought I should document that for when, come Monday, I am crying when I can't button my favorite jeans. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


A few of my favorite Halloween moments for 2011:

Eric and I started off the holiday at a grown-ups only party. We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt! Our costumes were fun and easy. I had to show the kids a YouTube video so they would know who we were. I felt old! I also wondered what I ever liked about Popeye the Sailor Man. It was creepy!

We opted out of the dramatic pumpkin patch adventure and went back to our neighborhood parking lot patch. We were the only people there, we took Porsche, Zac jumped on a bouncer, the kids picked a pumpkin, we took some photos, they each got a piece of candy and we left. 20 minutes tops. The "Butch" in me loved it! I know you are jealous Mark. ;)

We went home to carve. Zac ran the show, Claire helped, and Luke refused to touch the thing. He kept signing "all done" and made the yucky face. It worked out well!

Zac was first to show off his costume at his Halloween piano recital. He played Witches Rock dressed as Luigi. Well done Zac!

Sunday the kids dressed up for church and we hit the Early Childhood Center's Spooktacular afterward. More fun and photo opportunities with Luke's school pals and the Tucker cousins.

Finally Monday came and somehow I got the kids all dressed for their school parties, including myself for mine. I was done with Halloween by 9:00 a.m. (Thanks Butch and RoRo for being a Condit parent that day!) But trick-or-treating commenced at sundown. We cruised our neighborhood intent on getting the kids to bed on time to spare all of the poor teachers who had to teach them the following day. Zac gets the prize for etiquette (no walking on lawns, back up from the door, don't grab, say "thank you."). He was very frustrated with the non-etiquette displayed by his siblings. It's got to be tough to be the oldest. I wouldn't know. :) Claire gets the prize for being the proudest of herself because she felt pretty darn awesome in the almost inappropriate bunny costume. I must document that I am not, at this point, concerned about her self esteem! Finally, Luke gets the prize for being SO FLIPPING CUTE! He ran the entire time to keep up with his siblings, his light-up Toy Story boots flashing all the way, and by the sixth house he finally attempted to say "Trick-or-Treat!" It was darn clear and it made my night!

The kids were showered and in bed by 8:00. Yup. I am proud of that! :)