Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basketball, Birthdays, Ballet, and Best friends

Last weekend when we celebrated Oma's birthday, Sara and I ventured to Glass and Bead to make a necklace for her. It was hysterical! As Sara put it, "There were many blond moments." But the result was a beautiful necklace that Oma loved. Happy Birthday Oma!

When we celebrated with Butch we did the usual Sunday tradition of "Noodle Night" and topped it off with a cake that the kids and I made. Sara (a perfectionist like her father) was very depressed because we didn't wait long enough to put on the frosting. We documented her feelings on the tragedy.

But it tasted great!

Happy Birthday dad!

Claire got promoted at ballet this month. I have to admit I am SO FREAKING PROUD! The teacher asked her to be in the class with Kindergartners, first, and second graders! She fits right in and is actually challenged. More importantly, she loves it! She will be in her first recital in June which is quite a production. Stay tuned!

Zac started basketball. Good thing since he has been claiming it as his favorite sport for quite a while now. Now he will find out for sure. He is having a blast with his best friend Kyle.

Another of Zac's good friends, Drew, came over for a play date today. They had a great time! Claire really wanted to get in on the action.

His parents were due to arrive at 12:30. At 12:33 I see Drew laying face down in the backyard crying. I felt some relief when there was no blood and a bit more relief when he barely cried and got right up to get some ice. He just got a good bump right in the middle of his forehead after falling from the tree swing. My play date nightmare come true! Thank goodness I have known his parents since Jr. High and they promise they will allow him over again some time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sara visited this weekend to help celebrate Oma's 59th birthday and Butch's 72nd! We hadn't seen her since Christmas and she had lots to fill us in on. Like her sprained ankle and an ER visit. The sprained ankle was just Sara falling over herself and the ER visit was another Sara being Sara. Apparently she sat down on the couch and felt a sharp prick but didn't think much of it. As time passed she realized the pain was increasing. Eventually she said she began to scream especially after she realized she had sat on a pencil and it was deep within her leg. Don't worry. They got it out at the ER and put her on some drugs to ensure there would be no infection. It's ok. We laughed too and apparently so did her mom! :)
I have to note Saturday morning as a big event for us and Sara. We left her home alone with Luke J. for the first time. First I asked her about it casually to see how quickly and easily she would answer. Her response was immediate with a "Sure!" And I was just fine about it until I called Butch on my way out. I told him Sara was baby sitting for the first time and I mentioned a teeny bit of worry and his response is, "Yeah. I would worry too." Super comforting pastor. Thanks! But she survived and seemed to really enjoy it. When I got home I found this on the counter.

So sweet. Love her!

Monday, January 17, 2011


It's beautiful right now in California. Perfect for a three day weekend in honor of MLK Jr. We took advantage and spent the evening outside. Yes I had to threaten to take away various hand held devices first, but once outside they were great!
Our concern for Luke's not talking is very real yet we are pretty sure he is attempting some words. Here is some extremely snotty, dirty video footage from our back yard fun.

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Reality

Monday school resumed, but I didn't start teaching again until today. I feel worked. I am crossed eyed and kind of dizzy actually. Hmmm. Amazing how 2 weeks can alter your stamina.

Anyway, I came back to Vista today after a break in that occurred over the holiday. It was worse than I first heard and they are quite sure that it was former students. So sad. There was a camera stolen from my class and a lap top from another. Lots of vandalism and a huge mess. But the worst thing that happened was that they killed the bearded dragon that lived next door to me in the other first grade. They poured cleaner into her cage and of course she didn't survive. An awful person vandalizes and steals, but I think it takes some one with serious issues to harm a helpless living thing. RIP Buzz. The Claremont police department are actually buying a new one for us. Very nice.

A few favorite moments from my day: A former student of mine that comes from an extremely dysfunctional family saw me and literally lit up with the best smile and gave me a big hug. Another dysfunctional student that is new this year and in the fourth grade has taken a liking to me told me he was going to come see me at recess every day to help me out. At a parent meeting after school a very funny, outspoken, African-America mom told me that her son listens to me and my partner well. She reminded me that he doesn't respond to any of the sweet "honey" or "baby" talk. He needs the "black momma" not to be confused with "mommy." I started laughing and she was very serious. She asked me if I put that in my notes and I said, "definitely."

I have days where I feel like teaching isn't the job for me. It can be so draining and sometimes not fulfilling. But then you have a day like this one and it's as if your fire has been lit once again and you have the energy to last a while longer. At least until tomorrow.;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

We celebrated last night with the Tucker cousins at 9:00 (midnight in New York!) and were in bed by 10. My idea of a perfect night!

My first day of the new year consisted of sleeping until 8 (thank you Eric), taking down Christmas decorations, playing the Wii and loosing terribly to Zac, changing Claire's outfit a few times, and helping Luke find and collect all of the pacifiers we found and collected yesterday.

Me: Zac, will you take this present next door?
Zac: No thanks. I don't really know how to go to people's houses. (pause) Unless it's Halloween.

Claire: Some day I will get married. But first a boy has to find me. And I can't marry Zac or Luke.


Yeah. Still not talking. Fingers crossed he will soon!