Thursday, March 1, 2012


I just finished packing up the last many reminders of the insane birthday celebration we had for Claire this past week. We went big this year since it's her first birthday in Kindergarten and I figured a large group of girls is NOthing compared to a large group of boys. I was ambitious to say the least. Thanks to RoRo for the crafts for the craft table. Thanks to Oma for the sugar cookies for the cookie decorating table, and the cupcakes. Thanks to Porsche for not eating the bounce house as tempting as it was. There were a total of 24 kids in my backyard and a few adults who were brave enough to stay. It was 2 hours of cheering and screaming and lots of fun! The theme...Pinkalicious.

Since Claire was old enough to understand I told her I would let her pierce her ears whenever she wanted too. Knowing how terrified she is of any sort of pain I figured it may never happen. Like she does so often, she surprised us. The morning of her birthday I greeted her with the usual hug and happy birthday greetings. She yawns and asks me if she's 6. When I say yes she announces it's time to get her ears pierced. Well, ok! She sat in the chair at "Claire's" and allowed a complete stranger to shoot a gun through her ears without a tear. We were impressed and amazed. Today she has a cold and had to hold my hand to swallow the cough medicine through her sobs. She is a never ending dramatic comedy.