Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Start

September brought many new beginnings for the Tucker Clan. Claire learned to ride her bike without training wheels. I didn't have the patience for her but thankfully Eric did. The kids began their new classes with ease. It was more of a shock to my system and our child care providers, aka Butch and RoRo.

Luke began speech therapy and has been diagnosed as "severely delayed." Severe is my new least favorite word. Somehow between soccer, piano, ballet, and an Orf music class, we squeeze in the 3, 1-hour sessions of speech and play therapy a week. I am hoping that this early intervention will work miracles by April! :/

I have a new principal at Vista who is young and full of new ideas. It is exciting but challenging. It feels a bit like my first year of teaching without all of the scariness! Eric began his third year at Claremont High and I am please to say is doing great. He is a site representative for the teachers union so he can keep us in the know about our shaky future in education. To be continued...

So if all of this isn't enough we decided to add her to our schedule.

Porsche, 3 months

The kids and Eric started working on me a few weeks ago. I caved way earlier then I intended. But I am so glad. So far she is amazingly sweet, smart, and just good!