Sunday, March 2, 2014

8 is Great!

We have finally come to the end of Claire's week long birthday celebration. It began with presents from Butch and RoRo and donuts at school on her "actual" birthday, February 21st. That night she requested we go to a school function called the "Sock Hop." To my surprise it was really fun.

Claire ended up staying the night with a friend. I picked her up in the morning for a birthday pedicure with her Oma and big sister, Sara.

The Tucker family came over that night for a family party. We ate, played, and danced. Again, it was really fun!

One of Claire's best girl friends from her soccer team, Erin, has a birthday 3 days after Claire's. Her mother and I thought of the brilliant plan to join forces and have a party together. So the "Stars" went ahead and had their usual Friday night soccer practice. Afterward, we transported all 10 of the girls to Erin's house to change into dance party clothes. Some college students were there to do hair and makeup.

The girls danced and sang Karoke in a room full of balloons, a fog machine, a stage, and colored lights. They ended the evening swimming, zip-lining, and jumping on the trampoline in the rain.

Seriously, the best party ever. Not sure how we can top it next year.

This is all typical of our Claire. She is our "go-getter." Every day she wakes up and asks, "What are we doing today?" She loves being active and spending time with friends and family. Her energy is contagious. We kind of think she's great. :)