Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Luke is 4!

April 14th fell on a Sunday this year and in between baseball and soccer we managed to squeeze in a small party for our little guy that day. Spider man was able to take a break from crime fighting to show up at our gathering at Magnolia park near our house. (A park party is something I swore I'd never do. That was before my dogs destroyed my back yard and made it unusable.) Luke was extremely happy and great friends came out to help celebrate.

Luke has had a spectacular year. He continues to improve with his speech and especially language. Right now everything he says begins with "Me." "Me do it." "Me winner." My favorite is, "Me awesome." This habit is improving. Me working on it.

He happily approaches every day and experience. He loves school and he has 2 friends, Jason and Alex, that he is obsessed with. Their mom is responsible for the pictures above. I'm not sure the boys reciprocate quite the same feelings that Luke has for them, but they are definitely good buds!

He likes to tell me that "I'm mean sometimes." I figure that is way better than being mean all the time. We think he is pretty amazing and I can't believe it's been 4 years since we met. Happy Birthday Luke J.!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thank You Note/Rough Draft

Dear Idyllwild Reserve Campground,

It's been a little over a week since my family visited your RV Park campground. We arrived last Sunday to beautiful, clear weather. This was our first time in Idyllwild and we had NO idea what to expect.

Our first surprise was the giant sign at the entrance of the park that stated, "No Wood Fires." That was just effing ridiculous silly. Especially since we took the time and effort to pack the car full of wood we would later never use. Thank you so much for the $13 per night metal stand and the log of duraflame that would not warm us up at all.

When we drove in to find our sight, we were delighted to see all the gorgeous trees and the giant boulders that would make for awesome kid exploration. Too bad the ground was also solid rock and was almost impossible for my husband, Eric, to hammer the stakes for the tent into the ground. We only change camp sites twice. Thanks.

Our first night was cold but delightful. The stars were clear and the kids were happy. The bathrooms were only a small hike down the steep hill. Thanks.

When we woke up on Monday morning it was surprising to find that we were inside a cloud! Wow! So exciting! It was so quiet you couldn't hear a sound as I hiked down to the bathroom where I surprised a ranger. I want to say an extra special thanks to him. He was so amused when he asked me, "Are you the ones in the tent?" Then he went on to warn me that a cold front was coming in, but not to worry, because the next 2 days will be clear. Thanks.

That cold front sure did come in. First in the form of rain, then sleet, then snow. After a quick drive around the park to warm up in the car, we noticed that we really were the only campers. Everyone else was in an RV. So glad to know they were all warm and cozy. So comfortable, in fact, that not one person came out all day. Ever. Not even all of the times we hiked by them huddled together for warmth under an umbrella in the freezing snow to get to the bathroom. Thanks.

That night the wind came. Fortunately no one came to check on us then either. Not even your Rangers. So thankful they were warm and safe somewhere.

We survived the night, the cold, and the 50mph gusts of wind. I did have some fun moments throughout my sleepless night imagining catchy news headings. "Family of 5 Found Frozen to Death in Tent" or "Tree Kills Tent Campers in RV Park." The best part of the night was when my youngest, Luke, woke me up saying, "My legs are hot." "Hot" in fact was pee. Through 5 layers of clothing and 2 sleeping bags. Hilarious! Aw the memories. Thanks.

Well the Ranger from the bathroom was correct. We woke up Tuesday morning to beautiful sunshine and a layer of ice. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and packed up to head home a day early. Thanks so much for not giving us our money back but allowing us to use the credit toward our return trip! Can't wait!


Maria Tucker