Sunday, August 26, 2012

50 Years

Summer is over so I feel I should hurry up and document the wonderful celebration our family enjoyed in honor of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

The Henderson's came for a week and as always we pick up where we left off! We endured a family photo shoot in the hills to start off our week. So glad we did since the photos, taken by a wonderful photographer, turned out AMAZING!

We made it to the beach where I was NOT able to bury my brother. Darn.

Mark and I teamed up and managed to put together a slide show for mom and dad. I stole the pictures and put them in the mail, and he put it together. Well done I'd say!

We went to dinner without our children at a restaurant in Pasadena called Parkway Grill. It was so peaceful. We could actually chew our food and make eye contact while having conversation. Wow!

The younger 2 generations, except for Luke (sorry buddy), adventured to Raging Waters. Minus a few changes the park should make to enhance the experience, we had a really good time! I learned that I am not as young as I thought. I inhaled a lot of chlorine and I think I pulled a muscle. And instead of laughing because the slide was so much fun, it was more an uncomfortable "gosh I hope I survive this" kind of laugh. The kids were brave and frankly, surprised me!

We ate a lot of food, rode bikes, and watched the kids swim about 11 hours a day.

We didn't have a big party, or travel somewhere exotic, but it was exactly the way Butch and RoRo hoped it would be. Happy Anniversary to the best parents ever! :) August 18, 2012