Friday, January 15, 2010

Questions and Answers

I teach first grade. It's a really fun/funny age. Sometimes I find myself answering questions they never prepared me for during my teacher ed program. These are only answers. You can guess the questions.

No, I am younger than Martin Luther King.
No they didn't have video games when he was alive but, yes, they had food.
No I didn't mean to do my hair funny today.
Yes you have to do work today.
No, sticking out your tongue once is just as bad as sticking it out 3 times.
No. A sofa is a couch.
Yes it could be a bed too.
No you can't eat money. It's pretty dirty.
No I don't mean to walk that way. My back just hurts.

I'm so entertained all the time! These were just this week... and I work part time! :) Love them all!