Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're Done!

Today was the last day of swimming lessons! YEA! If you think I am excited, you are right!
Here is my list of reasons why swimming lessons are fun and not-so-fun:

wet bathing suits
50SPF greasy sunscreen
allergy to sunscreen
goggles that are too loose
goggles that are too tight
allergy to goggles that are too tight
wet towels
lost shoes
heavy bags that don't fit in the stroller
3 month old in the hot stroller in the hot sun
screaming like you are being tortured (Claire)
crying like mom will never return (Zac)
fighting other mothers for the 4 chairs actually in the shade

cute bathing suits on cuter kids
big accomplishments
smiles and waves
wet hugs
splashing in the baby pool with family
making friends
great looking swim teachers ;)
boat ride for the last lesson

We are very proud of Zachary for passing Level 4 and very proud of Claire for not passing Level 1 but surviving it! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Summer is flying by at break neck speed. I fear that all of the big plans I made will never happen. Home organization, baby book, etc. But none the less I am enjoying every second (crickets, bees, and the like.) Eric is teaching summer school but is home early enough to hang out with the family. Zac tried a Golf Camp for a week and reluctantly enjoyed it. Claire has enjoyed some short days at preschool and coming with me to the Claremont Club so I can get this Luke weight off! During all of this we have had fun seeing Sara in between all of her travels and summer camps, spending time with friends, the kids have spent quality time with Oma (even an overnight!, and Luke J. goes along with all of it. Such a good boy! (20lbs. now at 3 months! Yikes!)

Last weekend we went to San Clemente beach with Butch and RoRo. We are so lucky to be able to join them in a beautiful beach house that their very generous friends open up to us. Since Eric is teaching summer school we only spent a short weekend there but had a blast. I actually sat at the beach for longer than a 2 hour stretch of time courtesy of an easy up, helpful husband and parents, and well behaved children. I loved it.

Claire wanted NOTHING to do with the ocean and made sure she didn't get within 20 feet of the water line. But she so loved digging in the sand and making sand castles.

Zac is a great ocean explorer. He has enough of an appreciation for the ocean and all of its mystery to be cautious. Makes supervision much easier.

Butch was able to sit on the beach for a total of 2 minutes. I lost count of his trips up and down the hill from the beach to the beach house and how many times he called me or mom on his cell phone. Try calling him now. He will answer no matter where he is: bike riding, mowing the lawn, driving, important meeting, church...

RoRo was extremely helpful holding Luke and digging with Claire while Zac played in the water. She too likes to use her cell phone. :)

Eric played a lot with Zac in the water then regressed a bit when he decided to do some body boarding that he hasn't attempted since high school. Don't worry, he survived. He even gave Zac some lessons.

Luke enjoyed some quality shade time in this fancy tent courtesy of Aunt Rachy.

The biggest news of the summer is Eric's new job! He will be teaching at Claremont High School in the fall. Although he was very content at his current school, the move is great for his professional growth and for our family. Yay! We are all very proud of him!

Now we are enduring swimming lessons. Zac is a champion swimmer. Claire? Well let's just say that I now know what sheer terror sounds like. We'll save that for another post!

In 2 weeks we are all off to Kansas. We can't wait!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Break Dancer

I was enjoying a little Black Eyed Peas, "Boom Boom Pow", when Zac ran out of his room in his "break dancing clothes." I think he's got potential!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pest Control 2

Now that the crickets have all been found (probably) you would think that I could relax. But no. Not a chance.

There I was (yesterday) sitting happy and content with Luke in my arms, Claire to my side, and my rambunctious 5 year old playing outside when my peace was destroyed. (Yes I am being dramatic.) When Zac comes running in the back door out of breath.

Zac: Mom! You won't believe this. I was checking on my pumpkins and I saw a HUGE bee hive.

Me: (Not believing my son who is typically full Uh, huh. Close the door. You are letting in the hot air.

Zac: Mom, I'm SERIOUS! It's in the Oak...wait, what is that tree called?

Me: The Mulberry tree.

Zac: Yeah. It's in the Mulberry tree. Come see, come see!

Me: Are you telling the truth Zac? What does it look like?

Zac: Big and brown with lots of bees. Come and see!

Me: Fine.

I walk out and see nothing. Zac pulls me to the north side of the yard and stops. I still see nothing. Zac points to his pumpkin patch and tells me to stand right there.

Then I see it.

Seriously? Why me? Makes you want to throw up a little, doesn't it?

Yes it is still there with apparently no plans on leaving. Of course we don't want to kill them so we are hoping they will do their thing and leave.

FYI - Spraying them with water doesn't work.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pest Control

The three kids and I came home today after a full morning of play, swimming, and lunch ready for a well deserved nap. I get Luke into his crib, Zac contained in the living room and walk with Claire to her room to sleep. She immediately starts crying about something "brown moving!" I roll my eyes irritated and then realize that the "brown moving" really is. It's a giant cricket. I call Zac who immediately runs in to save the day. I walk with him to the living room to put the cricket back in the OPEN bag of crickets sitting next to the computer...

Flashback to last night.

Me: Eric. The bag of crickets is open.

Eric: Well they need air.

Me: Can't they get out.

Eric: They won't get out.

Me: (Heavy sigh and eye rolling.)

Back to today.
Zac puts the giant "brown moving" back in the OPEN bag. We go back to Claire's room where she is on top of the bunk bed pointing at the other 2 crickets. Zac once again came to the rescue and Claire went to sleep.
Zac and I spent the next 45 minutes collecting crickets from the boys room, my shower, the bathroom, the hallway, and the living room. We had to leave the 2 giant sized crickets up on the ceiling since neither of us could reach (and we tried). Zac only washed his hands 3 times during the hunt. I only screamed and jumped 3 times.
Satisfied with our work we finally laid down to rest... But first we had to get another 2 crickets.

Eric is home. He has found a few more crickets that we missed. 2 are still on the ceiling. And as I sit here typing, the bag of these beautiful pests, is leaning against the computer screen.