Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Visit

My brother and his family came to visit last weekend from Kansas and I finally have a minute to breathe and post about it. We are all still recovering from withdrawals. Especially Zac and Claire!

We spent almost every waking hour together enjoying the kids playing so well together. It was so great to see the cousins play without any intervention from us adults, especially the 5 year old boys. Zac and Andrew are only 4 months apart had the BEST time together. They called their favorite game "special agents" where they would sneak up on the adults in the living room and scream and run away if we glanced in their direction. Claire and Thomas tried to get in on the action and I think they each got trampled only once. One highlight was the visit to the Long Beach Aquarium. Mostly because the kids loved it so much (and Eric!) but also because I managed not to be pushed in a wheelchair as was suggested by the family. :)

The best day ever was Claire's 3rd birthday where I was able to have every person I care most about in the world (minus Opa) at my house for a little celebration. A very rare treat and a great photo op!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Baby

Last Monday Eric and I went to the doctor to have a 3D ultrasound of the baby. We did this previously with Zac and Claire and I was prepared to NOT do it with this baby because, well, it's expensive. Eric reminded me how I am always giving my parents a hard time because there are 3000 pictures and memorabilia of Mark, a little less than that of Claire, and close to 0 pictures of me. It doesn't happen often, but Eric was right. I am so glad we did it because it is truly amazing!
Like every doctor visit I was asked if I'm sure of my due date or if I'm diabetic because I am just so ____ big! I assured him that I am positive of my dates, I'm not diabetic, and I am just blessed with big babies. This one is no exception. At 31 weeks they think he is about 5lbs. and will be at least 9lbs. at birth. Awesome!

The baby was not cooperating and kept covering his face with his hand. The doctor poked, shaked, and zapped me for about 45 minutes to get good pics. I think the baby had finally had it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

9 Years

About this time 9 years ago, Eric and I were celebrating our marriage with family, great friends, an open bar, and a fabulous D.J. We had endless energy and a week in Cancun, Mexico ahead of us.
Tonight I am full from the oven baked pizza my mother was kind enough to pick up from the store for us since Eric was at a meeting and I am in pregnant misery. My kids are playing with a ball in the house and I am too exhausted to tell them to stop. My husband is, hopefully, somewhere near home to finish off the rest of the now cold pizza. I plan to finish off the evening with an exciting episode of Grey's Anatomy and hopefully a full nights sleep.
It is a very different time in our lives now but I wouldn't change a bit of it. (Well I'm lying a little...I would love to look 32 weeks pregnant rather than 40 with twins. LOL!)
Happy Anniversary to us!