Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Church School

I'm currently teaching church school for Kindergarten and first graders at church. It's Claire's group and they are so sweet and fun. But frankly, I can't stand teaching church school. I feel like I'm at work on the weekend and I really don't know much about the "curriculum."

Case and Point,

Claire - Mommy what's that big "T" over there?

I'm driving to a soccer game on Saturday with Claire and Luke in tow. We pass by the Lutheran church on Baseline in Claremont that has an enormous cross in their front lawn when I'm asked this question. I stifle my laugh at my obvious parent failure that the granddaughter of a pastor thinks a cross is simply a letter.

Me - Well that's a church, and that's their cross.

C - What's a cross?

Me - (Continuing to kick myself for my serious neglect) Jesus died on a cross and so churches use it as a symbol.

C - How did a cross kill him?

Me - (Wow) Some bad people thought he should be punished and they nailed him to a cross where he died.

C - That's gross! Poor Jesus.


C - If I were there I would have punched those bad guys and said, "Don't kill Jesus you bad guys!" Then Jesus would have been saved.

Me - (laughing) That's nice of you Claire.

C - Did the bad guys where all black with dark caps on their heads and face?

Me - (laughing hard) I have no idea!