Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sports Mania

I recently posted a video on FB that I had to show Eric to help him understand why I try to "do it all" when he was moaning and groaning about 2 days of soccer this weekend. I have a hard time saying no to my kids when it comes to an activity they want to experience.

When AYSO soccer season ended in November for Claire, I got an email soon after from her coach asking if Claire would like to come out on a Saturday and play some more soccer. Claire said, "YES!" Here we are 3-ish months later and finished with our second tournament and attempting an indoor league. It's a lot of time and work but SO MUCH FUN! Her coach is amazing and Claire has learned so much. It fills up my happy tank.

The boys started baseball last week. Luke made the age cut off by 2 weeks and had his first Tee ball practice. It was organized chaos and pure entertainment. Luke feels it's necessary to fist pump and shout, "YES," after everything he does.

Zac had to try out this year and I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or him. He did great and moved up to kid pitch this year. He reluctantly shows up for practice but does well and has an amazing time. We've learned that's just Zac. He always needs that extra push to get out the door.

Here is the glaring difference between my boys illustrated in photographs.

Zac is silly but only with people he knows well. Luke doesn't hold back. Ever.