Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer is Over

With an old and extremely slow computer, blogging has been pushed to the side for now. We're recovering from an extremely exciting summer where both Eric and I were home together for 2 months. And we're still married!

We welcomed "Iggy" into the family. She's our 26 foot trailer R/V. We drove her to mammoth and had an amazing trip. My new/used car, "Agnes," managed to pull her all the way to and from up to 10,000 feet. Yep, we name our vehicles.

Luke started Kindergarten yesterday (I am still in shock about that one), Claire began third grade, and Zac is a "too-cool-for-school" fifth grader. Sara started her sophomore year a few weeks ago and we haven't heard a peep from her since. We take that as a good sign. She's almost 16! As usual, time flies.

Eric and I also went back to school. So far my exciting moments have been the girl who won't sit and just stares at me for about 20 minutes before she decides to "join the group" and "act like a student." One little guy didn't make it to the restroom in time, but another just decided to drop his pants in the middle of the playground and water the tree. A first in my 10 years, 2 days at Vista.

Eric has his last hour off at school and is able to pick up the kids 2 times a week. That's new and exciting and so far he's done it once. Hopefully he'll continue to do so. ;)

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